Visual Display Compare and Contrast

Topics: Color, Art, Arts Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: July 1, 2011
Color with No Bounds
In the Master Piece “Man With Cane” by Fernand Leger, the color flourishes the painting in rigid shapes to create an abstract figure. Different tones varying around the art work give the colors a more mature and distinguished look. The lightly added grey hue helped the yellow stand as a rich and dull setting for the tints to offer a brighter saturation in the colors. The hue constancy in the blue is throughout the Master piece. This gives the viewer a sense of balance in the artwork and does not overwhelm them with chromatic inconsistencies. The rich and pure colors are what make this art piece stand out from its monotone background. At Crate&Barrel, a contemporary furniture and home ware store, the featured item was an array of colors blended into a bed. The assortment of complimentary colors within the bed flowed smoothly with the rough texture of the shaded maroon and burnt orange portrait in the background. The scattered color against the white sheets gives this setting a brighter saturation, which draws the viewer’s attention.

The art world is comprised of the most talented individuals in the world that see life in a different perspective. Their world of color sees no bounds and they experience every moment as it were one of their Master pieces. Every interaction an individual makes, not just artist, could lead to a spark of creativity and pave way to a new form of art. Each person has the ability to create their own sense of individuality based on what they perceive and create a unique piece of art. This goes hand in hand with how one experiences their own life and what they choose to see. Viewing this Master piece by Leger has opened a new sense I have never experienced. With the knowledge obtained throughout Visual Merchandising, I have a greater respect and knowledge on works of art and can really enjoy viewing them the way they are meant to be. A better understanding of the proper color terms, along with works of art,...
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