Visual Communication of Ethics and Cultures Cgd 218

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 9 (3230 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Visual Communication of Ethics and Cultures
CGD 218

Visual communication worldwide has a huge impact on the world we live in today from electronic media like Web pages and television screens to environmental contexts, such as, road signs and retail displays. The code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual or organization. Ethics and beliefs start with your parents. These qualities are instilled in a person during infancy and childhood. Parents raise their children with the values and morals from their culture and society past down from their parents. Life is often no walk in the park no matter what the culture is. Right choices are not so easy for everyone to make; however, it is a personal choice because we, as individuals, are in control of our actions. If violence and crime are all you have been subjected to as a child and teen, you are more than likely to implement what you have been taught. I have learned to apply ethical principles to issues moral challenges that I encountered in everyday life. I will utilize the three visual approaches from the Berger text. In this paper, I will visually commuciate a complex message of ethics and how it has different meaning for different socities and cultures. Ethics are very important to understand because of the world we live in today. Society is filled with morally ethical and unmorally ethical people. Moral ethics are instilled in you as a child by yours parents. Culture and regilion plays a huge part of all human beings moral ethics. Ethics often address questions about moral outcomes. This can be achieved in a specific situation that reference ethics and what determines moral values as well as what morals people actually abide.

The first step in communicating moral issues is obvious, which I have found is not always easy. Get the facts! Some moral issues create controversies simply because we do not bother to check the facts. I plan to utilize these three approaches: visual media symbols and images to convey my visual message This paper will also highlight the importance of visual communication as it relates to both cultures in it entirety. This first step, although obvious, is also among the most important and when words and images have equal status within all media of communication, the cultural cues that define a society will not only be more efficiently passed from one generation to the next, but within this generation, here and now; diverse cultures will be able to understand each other a little better. The power of visual perception plays a huge role in world national wide. Symbols and signs will be implement in this project. Visual media will also be including in this project design as development begins. Images become real property of the mind signs have no meaning outside of their context. Images will also be one of the approaches I use to commutate my visual complex message. Visual and verbal thoughts combine to create the context that links signs together to form symbols that can be remembered and recalled. Context is the glue that binds visual and verbal symbols together (

Recognizing context is the chief function of a rational mind. The face of someone you know can be immediately recalled as imagery of the mind. But that face is not a literal, detailed, photographic image. The mind's picture is a combination of the perceptual elements -- color, form, depth and movement -- that are needed to describe appearance combined with the verbal thoughts that define the context in which the person appears ( communications/Reality-TV culture-Nationalizing-the-global-media-image). Church was a great experience for me as a child. I learned that through pray all things are possible. Being grounded in the world of God is a life tool. This really impacted my beliefs on...
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