Visual Communication and Autism

Topics: Communication, Visual communication, Graphic design Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: April 23, 2007
In Modern day America, everything in the world is changing, from technology to the education provided for all children. As mentioned before our world is changing, and it is becoming a media oriented world! With that said there are many people who believe that Visual communication is affecting children's Verbal ability. Then there are those who disagree and say that Visual communication does not affect children in a negative way. In this essay we will determine for ourselves if we believe that Visual communications indeed affects children's learning ability.

Visual Communications, also known as Graphic Design is basically what surrounds us everyday in our modern world. Visual communications is everything from print images (like those in children's books), graphic design, and TV, all the way up to architecture, design, and urban design. Those are the very elements that are seen, and that surround us in our everyday life.

Although Visual Communications is something that surrounds us, there are people who believe that Visual communications is affecting children's learning abilities. There are reasonable amounts of information that support the claims people have made on this position. I will be analyzing 3 articles that support the position of Visual communications affecting children's learning ability.

In the article "Synthetic Theory of Visual Communication", by Paul Martin Lester, Ph.D. He explains how Visual Communications is the art of using images with or without words to either promote or explain something to you. Lester also talks about how educators, including parents, question how things got to the point where their kids can't read. "The answer is often simplistic: Too many pictures and not enough words", says Lester.(par.3) Another thing that Lester talks about in his article is how "To a Child, There is no difference between words and pictures-they are one and the same."(par.20) Then he goes on to say that "Words are repressive while pictures are...
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