Visual Basic Toolbox Controls

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The Toolbox Controls
The Toolbox window holds all of the controls available to your VB.NET programs. Basic Controls
First, let’s focus on the basic controls that are used in most programs. These controls are so essential that VB.NET would be utterly useless without them

1- Button
The Button control is a key ingredient for an effective user interface. Buttons are normally found on the main form of a program and are used to perform tasks or bring up additional forms for the user.

Notable Properties
Important Properties of Button1 from Properties Window:
Appearance section of the properties window allows us to make changes to the appearance of the Button. With the help of  BackColor and Background Image properties we can set a background color and a background image to the button. We set the font color and font style for the text that appears on button with ForeColor and the Font property. We change the appearance style of the button with the FlatStyle property. We can change the text that appears on button with the Text property and with the TextAlign property we can set where on the button the text should appear from a predefined set of options. Behavior

Notable Behavior properties of the Button are the Enabled and Visible properties. The Enabled property is set to True by default which makes the button enabled and setting it's property to False makes the button Disabled. With the Visible property we can make the Button Visible or Invisible. The default value is set to True and to make the button Invisible set it's property to False. Layout

With the Location property you can change the location of the button. With the Size property you can set the size of the button.

2- CheckBox
The CheckBox control is a Boolean control that can be set to true or false. When the control’s value is true, the check box will be filled with a small x.

Notable Properties
Important properties of the CheckBox in the Appearance section of the...
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