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Topics: PlayStation 3, Video game console, PlayStation 2 Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Jordan Parra
Professor Day
ENG 102
February 24, 2011
Writing Project 2: Part 1
This Playstation 3 advertisement was put out about three years ago by Sony. In 2007, the Playstation 3 made its debut into the console gaming market, so the intended purpose of the advertisement was to promote its new product. Sony does quite brilliant to create an image that is very intriguing to its audience of gamers, being that the image is very detailed in terms of color and layout. In my opinion, Sony presents different arguments in this advertisement, which all surround the theme of a “new way of gaming.”

The central focus of this image is placed on the stone statue of the girl in the background. This girl is a gamer playing Playstation 3, as someone could tell by looking at the controller that she is holding in her hands. Not only is the girl a statue in the image, but she is in the process of being constructed by the miniature characters that act as part of the game. What I believe that Sony is trying to get across to the viewer is that Playstation 3 introduces a more advanced way of gaming. Where the gamer is not looking from the outside in, but they actually feel as if they are experiencing the game from the inside.

Also, I find that something else interesting to notice about the advertisement is the placement of a girl instead of a boy. Most people can infer that the main demographic of gamers is predominantly made up of males. Sony strategizes the placement of a girl instead of a boy in the image, in order to not only attract the male demographic to trying out the Playstation 3, but also to attract the female demographic to doing so as well.

After noticing the gamer as the dominant part of the image, the viewers mind is drawn to whatever else is going on in this image because the rest of the image is wrought with action. The setting is in a classical Greek-type place in the mountains just near a volcano as well. The miniature figures are of humans and...
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