Visual Analysis of Truth Anti Tobacco Ad

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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Visual Analysis of Truth Anti Tobacco Ad
The visual images that are used in many advertisements are positioned to grab the attention of the ads intended audience. Advertisements are designed to persuade viewers that the argument the ad is presenting is realistic. Rather than simply presenting the product advertised, images are used to draw the attention of the viewers and convince them to buy into the product or message. This particular anti tobacco advertisement released by an anti smoking campaign embeds the use of pathos, ethos, and logos into its visual appeal. The Truth campaign is the largest youth smoking prevention campaign in the United States. It has become a popular success health story that educates society about the tobacco industry and the effects of smoking through advertisements. The campaign focuses on the truth about the tobacco industry and the health issues derived from smoking that are affecting the society. The campaign not only focuses on the affects of smoking but also on the affects of second hand smoke. In a print advertisement, The Truth displays an image of the horror and reality of secondhand smoke. The image evokes the emotions of the readers by displaying the shocking image of what smoking can cause to an individual. It appeals to the viewer’s sense of ethical behavior and successfully backs its argument through facts, evidence, and reason that provide the viewer with a feeling that the Truth campaign is reliable in its message.

A pathos argument is possibly one of the most persuasive arguments that can be used when trying to convince the reader of an argument. This is the reason the Truth campaign has a very strong appeal to pathos. At first glance of the ad the reader might develop a sense of shock. The image displays the body of a boy with a burning cigarette tip as his head. His arms and feet are replaced by images of ash and smoke is seen overtaking his body. Truth created this advertisement in attempt to shock viewers of...
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