Visual Analysis Essay

Topics: Girl, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Pamela Perry
Dr. Rochelle Mabry
ENG 111
14 March 2012
Final Visual Analysis Essay
This untitled image of a little blond haired girl tells the viewer a story of a lonely, outcast child trying to cope with her life and the disappointments life can bring. It is unclear where this may have originated from, possibly from a playground or school ground, but it portrays a typical scene plucked from the life of anyone who has had a childhood. The artist leaves it up to the viewer to determine if her sadness is due to something she is suffering from internally or if she has been rejected and cast out of a group. The elements of the image help clue the viewer. The body language, the blurred figures of the other two girls, and the artist’s position as he took the photo all help to create an image of sadness and emotional withdrawal.

The mood expressed by this young lady is communicated through her facial expressions and the way she is using her body. As the main character, she takes prominence in the image. Her downturned head with lowered eyes suggests she is reflecting internally on her current situation. With knees tucked tight to her chest and arms clasping them close, her defensive posture seems to separate and protect her from the others.

This feeling of separation is enhanced by the use of two distinct spaces, a foreground and a background. It suggests the feeling of two separate worlds. The blurred background and indistinguishable features of the other two girls creates an impression of distance between them and the little girl. It provokes the thought that these girls may have all been friends at one time but something has occurred to break this friendship. The little girl seems unable to overcome this distance that has been created.

The artist’s use of camera angle places the observer almost within this separate world of the little girl. Taken from her eye level, she acts as if she is unaware of the photographer even though it seems we are close to...
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