Visual Analysis

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Visual Analysis

So, I am sure there are some of us out there that have seen in a magazine or on a commercial or in some sort of advertisement a bulked out muscle head or in other words, the body of perfection that most could only hope to achieve by going to the gym. Next to that a promotion for a brand new state of the art bodybuilding supplement called PumpHD that was formulated and created by BPI Sports and the product is supposed to physically make you look and feel stronger. The very next day the decision is made to research this new product and get on the computer and go to their website. First thing they make sure we see is the home page with big, bold, and colorful letters that have the name and logo of the product in interest which is PumpHD. The next thing you see is that there is another picture of a very attractive human being who is very fit and muscular. Continuing on there is what seems to be a very iconic figure that back up this product from others who have tried it. Without any further thought you then proceed to the check-out section of the page and buy the product. This is exactly what the company wanted to happen. By using visual effects they have drawn the consumer in and instilled confidence in the consumer by using three major effects. Throughout this essay I will analyze what all BPI sports has actual gone through to get consumers to buy their new product; pumpHD. BPI uses many visual effects to draw the consumer in such as big and bold lettering, attractiveness, and Iconic figures.

First lets start with the Big, Bold, and colorful lettering BPI uses on their home-page. BPI stands for “Be Powerful Industries”. BPI makes and sells a variety of supplements such as pre and post workout formulas, BCAA’s, proteins, creatine and so on. Basically they sell anything that a bodybuilder or an athlete could ever possibly need to get that extra “Edge” on their game, or to help achieve the body they have always...
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