Visual Analysis

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Homelessness Pages: 4 (1294 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Peyton Ebben
Mr. Frazer
ENG 1100 052
9 October 2011
Visual Analysis
People all around the world use signs and posters as a form of advertisement to catch an audiences attention. Whether the sign used is as large as a billboard or smaller than a post it sticky note, individuals still notice them everyday. But, these signs used as advertisement do not have to be trying to sell a product. Instead, some posters are used as a way to motivate others physically and emotionally. While both pictures use signs to display words of encouragement, one targets a larger audience using a giant cardboard box, while the other uses a sticky-note sized piece of paper to inspire an individual.

When the two pictures are first glanced at, they look very similar to each other. The two photos have neutral color schemes with an exception of pink font color used in the “follow your heart” photo and the red shirt of the boy holding “the meaning of life is to give life meaning” poster. The main focus in each image is of course the large signs in the middle of the visuals. Both signs have words of encouragement the audience can take with them after reading the sentence. Each also contains a big, legible font used as the main focus of the reader’s eye to draw attention. All uppercase letters are used to show importance in the text. The next part of the images noticed are the comparable backgrounds. Large buildings are evident in both images, although they are a little blurred out in the “follow your heart” picture. Each image is obviously taken in a city-like setting, with the messages being held by one individual versus being nailed on a tree or taped to a wall in the city. Because the pictures both have one person holding the cardboard box and sticky note, this makes the message more personal to the reader.

Although these pictures have many similarities when first looked at, the differences are what stand out more to the reader. When you first glance at the “follow your heart”...
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