Visual Analysis

Topics: Light, Appeal, World Wide Fund for Nature Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Amie Patton
Professor Reynolds
Desertification in a Whole New Light
I am looking at an advertisement for the World Wildlife Foundation. It is a picture of a disappearing elephant. It is almost like the elephant is turning into dust. The background is that of a dark gray, and in the bottom right- hand corner there are few words that state, “Desertification destroys 6,000 species every year.” This picture has specific elements that make it out to be much more interesting than what other people would conclude just by a glance. Yes, I am sure common, everyday people have all heard about animal extinctions on commercials, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, informational videos, etc. However, I am not sure that we have all seen an advertisement quite like this one. Due to the significance of the arrangement, color, and appeals, I look at this and see an elephant in the wild malnourished, homeless, and dying- a lot more than that of a fading mammal. The arrangement has a large affect on this picture. The elephant is big and in the very middle, but the words are small and located in the bottom corner. Some people may even squint their eyes in order to clearly read what is said. The first thing my eyes are drawn to is the dust- like particles that the elephant appears to be turning into. This is because it is unusual for an elephant or any creature of that matter, to be fading into ash when they are still alive and standing on their feet. This element of the picture is supposed to act as the “big bang” moment- the moment in which the effectiveness of the ad clicks in your mind. As I studied the picture, I began to think that the elephant would literally turn into dust- not this particular one, but all the living elephants and other animals in the world. Once a creature dies, it disintegrates in the ground turning it into bones and eventually ash. It was the circle of life that this arrangement of the picture was attempting to portray. The organization of...
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