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Executive summary

Tourism overcrowding always happen when a large number of visitors visit same destination. The Siloso Beach in Sentosa Resort, a famous beach in Singapore, is a destination that overcrowded temporary during holiday and festival. Overcrowding at Siloso Beach has caused multiple negative impacts. Pollution and conflicts are major problems in there,

The visitor impact management (VIM) is an appropriate approach could be contributed to manage Siloso Beach in order to reduce visitor impacts. In addition, direct and in direct visitor management strategies had been contributed to deal with the problems Siloso Beach faced. Direct strategies had been used, such as enforcing, zoning and infrastructures, to manage purposeful destroying behaviors and regulation to limit the interaction between visitors and resources. Nevertheless, indirect strategies, such as user fees and education, are based on pro-social behavior which influences visitors’ inappropriate behaviors by induces visitors’ voluntary behavior modification or by information delivery.

Whereas, there are a lot of unpredictable challenges faced by Siloso Beach, when implementation of those visitor management strategies. Therefore, the approach and strategies need to be adjusted as conditions changing.


2.0Environmental and social-cultural Impacts5
2.1Tourism overcrowding issues5
2.1.1 Nature and degree of Overcrowding5
2.1.2 Consequences of tourism of overcrowding-Pollution6
2.1.3 Implications on sustainability7
2.2Conflicts issue8
2.2.1 Nature and degree of conflicts8
2.2.2 Consequences of conflicts9
2.2.3 Implication on sustainability9
2.3Current practices & Current challenges9
3.1The application of Visitor Impact Management10
3.1.1 The approach of VIM10
3.1.2 Management Strategies11
3.2Challenges in implementation14
Appendix A18
Appendix B19

1.0 Introduction
The following report aims to discuss the visitor-related management issue in Siloso beach. This report combines filed observations and theories to discuss the problems in Siloso beach, such as the environmental issues and socio-cultural issues. In this report, overcrowding and conflicts be defined as major issues in Siloso beach, and report also analysis reasons, degree of impact and outcomes of those issues. In this report, recommendation given is based on the researched information from various sources, which is in purpose to control the overcrowding and conflicts, and leading tourists’ action more sustainability.

In this report, qualitative research had been used, such as observation visitor behavior at Siloso Beach and how is behavior impact this place. Next, quantitative research also had been used. For example, this report refers to other secondary data.

Sentosa is one of the most popular island resort in Singapore, which has a more than 2 km beach on its southern coast and it be divided into three portions: Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and Tanjong Beach (Siloso Beach, 2011).

Siloso Beach, Singapore's hippest beach, lies on the west portion of the southern coast (Siloso Beach, 2011). Siloso beach is a public attraction belonging to nature attraction type, which is managed by Sentosa Development Corporation. It is known as the place for beach volleyball and other outdoor activities such as surfing, kayaking and also can enjoy sunbath. There are abundant nature resources in Siloso beach, such as shells, coral reefs, crabs and sponges. There also provided built facilities such as coolest bars, restaurants and shopping outlets along the beach. (Siloso Beach, 2011) Every year, it attracts million people to come and is a very famous and important resort in Singapore (Lim Hng Kiang, 2007).

2.0 Environmental and social-cultural Impacts
3.1 Tourism overcrowding issues
2.1.1 Nature and degree...
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