Visiting the Church for Mass

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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My partner and I went to Mass at the Christopher House on Campus Sunday April third. After reading my partner’s side of what was going on at church I understood a lot of what was going on. I realized that at this time of the year the Catholic religion are celebrating lent. This explains the purple cloak I described that the man, or as they call him “Father,” was wearing. During Lent the people of the Catholic religion are not to eat meat on Fridays until after Easter. This does not explain the purple but I have come to recognize it as just a color to represent the days of lint. I also realize now that the reason the gifts aren’t already up with the Father on the desk is because it is part of the religion’s communion. I now know that the book that we grabbed on the way in was a collection of prayers that they sang and they sang a different song for each mass. Although most of the prayers that weren’t listed in the book was the ones they recite in every mass. I also realized that the woman in the cover of the book was in fact Marry and her son Jesus, I still have to speculate that the ring drawn around Jesus’ head is there for importance and to emphasize that the child is in fact their “Savior Jesus Christ.” I had noticed that for each person that arrived they would kneel down on one knee and make a cross on their body starting from their forehead then to their heart and shoulders and would sit down in their seat. Almost all of the people that came did the same thing before they sat. I still believe this is to show their worship and respects to their Lord Jesus Christ. This could also be a greeting to him as well before taking their seats of worship. The greeting among the church to one another reciting “peace be with you,” I now believe to be another prayer they recite to show unity and community. This went with the theme of forgiveness I had heard a bit about during the mass.
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