Visiting My Grandparents

Topics: Family, Grandparent, Brown Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Name: Cristina Stavila
Date: 06/03/2012
Profesor: Rebeca Yoon
Assignment: Descriptive essay

Visiting My Grandparents
I always was fascinated about the relationships and connections between people in todays society. How important is to each of us to know where we are coming from and who are our roots. That's why for me and my family, visiting my Grandparents was very important and special. When I think back in time,I remember how excited and happy my family and I were when we were getting ready to travel to my Grandparents house. First of all, we had to travel to my Grandparents house about two hours, and I clearly remember that we had to drive along this beautiful, green and full of life forest. Since my sister and I were little, we aways liked to watch and admire the magnificent and powerful picture of this forest known as "The forest of Moldova." At the same time, we were trying to explore every single detail of that gorgeous and splendid forest,trying to cauch with our eyes every single movement of the wild nature. As an illustration, a lot of times traveling among that beautiful place we could watch how the beautiful and mysterious birds were flying above our car, moreover we could see deers peacefully laying in the sun and enjoying the nice breeze of those mornings. Secondly, our excitement grew with every minute while we were getting closer to my Grandparents house. After traveling two long hours of inpaciece to see our Grandmother and Grandfather, finally there it is, the little blue house,on top of the hill,surrounded by a large,green and rich of color garden. The house was old, build in 1919, by my Grandmothers' parents, but still full of joy,love and caring. My Grandparents lived in that house mostly all of their life. They tried to take care of the house,but getting older it has become more difficult and impossible for them. The house was light blue with darker blue trimming,but most of the paint was faded and chipped away. The little blue house had...
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