Visiting Grandparents

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March 16, 2012
Visiting Grandparents
In retrospect, there was something exciting about leaving school early especially earlier than everybody else. My mother came to grab me out of Ms. Wojtyna’s fourth grade class. “Excuse me, I’m sorry for interrupting but I have come to pick up my daughter. Today she is leaving to China”, said my mother. At last, my adventure starts today! No longer would I be under my mother’s grasps . No longer would I have to bore my head in despair and suffer the stifling weeks at home. Our Summer had began. Good-bye my fellow classmates, see you all next year. The day was lovely after all it was Summer. When me and my father waved our solid goodbyes to your family, I felt, that there were some ambiguities that day that my antennas could not receive, perhaps I was too young to take notice then and, also, to know the proper behavior. I trailed off with my father to the airport only to look forward in the freedom we could compensate together that Summer. I had yet to see my grandparents after five long years living in America. Maybe the reason for the cold goodbyes we shared that day we knew we would see each other and by a little over a month, time would snap in an instant. And so it came to pass that I arrived in Hong Kong an quiet girl that followed her father’s more experienced sense of direction. Upon walking to my grandparent’s home we passed through street-markets crowded with people. Most seemed to just pass by not in much interest to buy merchandise. We reached a familiar paltry building that held a arcade downstairs for the public entertainment and apartments upstairs for living space. My grandparents lived in a exotic building that I was always excited to go to because of the convenient access to the giant arcade room on the ground floor. But there wasn’t much use of going if I didn’t have any company willing to go with me. My grandparents and father felt that they reached the limit of their youths and no longer wanted to...
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