Visit to the Adler Planetarium

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  • Published : December 8, 2008
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On my visit to the Adler Planetarium I saw many exhibit galleries, ate at the Galileo’s Café, and saw the Night Sky Live show. This was my first time at the Planetarium, although I have been at all the other museums here in Chicago. I guess I just never had the time for the great Adler. I say great, because my experience was way more interesting and pleasing then I expected it to be.

The first exhibit that I came upon was “On our Solar System” it had the clone model of the rover that is currently taking pictures and samples of the planet Mars which is also known as “The Red Planet”. There were pictures of all the moons and planets discovered in our solar system which was way more than I knew about. I saw a couple models of old telescopes that were used by our famous astronomers back in the day. I believe they had one that Galileo used. They also had an exhibit filled with books and notes that belonged to the great astronomers, some of them were duplicates of the originals though.

My next stop was the Night Sky Live show which was in a room that looked like a dome. There was a big telescope/projector in the middle of the room and nice comfy chairs all around. When the instructor turned off the lights the dome turned into a night sky filled with stars, which was a copy of our sky with all the stars. We can’t see all the stars in our sky that I saw in the dome because there is too much light pollution which is caused by all the light in the city. So, first I learned about our constellations and their stars. Then the dome turned into the surface of Mars and it made me feel like I was there on the cold planet. Then the instructor talked about our galaxy The Milky Way, he showed the plane of the Milky Way galaxy that is visible from Earth as a band of light in the night sky. He also said something interesting and that I never heard of, which was that there is another galaxy close to ours which is actually visible in the night sky although it might have to be...
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