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(A) Report on visit to NGO
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Comprehensive Project Report on BPA:

Introduction of BPA:
The BPA began in 1954 in Ahmedabad as the Blind Men’s Association (BMA), a recreation club for the blind started with the efforts of a few blind persons, including Mr. Jagdish Patel. Mr. Patel lost his eyesight in early childhood, as a result of meningitis. However, he grew up to become an approved physiotherapist in a leading hospital, and a leading philanthropist dedicated to promoting self-reliance among the blind. In 1998, the name of the Blind Men’s Association was changed to the Blind People’s Association, because the name BMA led many people to believe wrongly that its activities and services were confined just to men. However, the name Blind People’s Association is also a misnomer, as BPA works for and provides services to people with different kinds of disabilities. Besides the blind, the organization works for the deaf, the mentally retarded, the orthopedically impaired, the mentally ill, the aged, and other groups. It also has been working for the multiple-disabled since 1989. BPA works to rehabilitate disabled people irrespective of their class and background. However, around

80 percent of the people supported by BPA belong to socially and economically disadvantaged classes, because their disabilities usually are a result of lack of medical prevention and care at an early age. Dedicated philanthropists, social workers, and professionals run BPA. Dr. Bhushan Punani, a management graduate, is now heading the organization.

Promoting comprehensive rehabilitation of persons with all categories of disabilities through education, training, employ-ment, community based rehabilitation, integrated education, research, publications, human resource development and other innovative means. WORKING FOR THE BLIND, THE DEAF, THE MENTALLY RETARDED, THE ORTHOPAEDICALLY IMPAIRED, THE MENTALLY ILL, THE MULTIPLY DISABLED, THE AGED. The mission of BPA is comprehensive rehabilitation of people with diverse disabilities through education, vocational training, employment, research, publications, human resource development, integrated education, and community-based rehabilitation, in addition to providing medical aid and other support.

* To provide services for persons from all categories of disabilities. * to empower and encourage the disabled to be self-reliant. * In the field of human resource development and research. * Education, Technical Education, Professional Training for the Disabled- Production training in simulated industrial settings. * Production and free distribution of assistive devices like crutches, calipers,  wheelchairs, mobility devices etc. * Prevention of blindness and disability like cataract and  polio surgery. * Services for the aged in the slums of Ahmedabad.

* Services for the mentally retarded, mentally ill.
* Services for the multiply disabled and deaf blind.
* Community based rehabilitation services for the
disabled in villages all over Gujarat.
By 2001–02, more than 26,700 disabled students had benefited from the Integrated Education Program across the state of Gujarat.
Professional training courses for the disabled started in 1976. During the 25 years through 2001, more than 5,000 disabled people have attended such courses. Employment
As a result of BPA’s efforts, the number of blind music teachers increased considerably in schools supported by the government, and blind subject teachers also were appointed in such schools. Later, placements were made for physiotherapists (class III and IV positions) in the Bank of India and in the Post and Telegraph Department. Since the establishment of BPA’s employment cell in 1976, around 2,500 disabled people have found...
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