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Topics: Blood pressure, Kidney, Human anatomy Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Visit to Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences , UNIMAS
Friday,14.12.12 – Life Science Students-3 were going to FMHS at Kuching, Sarawak. We set off from East Campus at 2pm. We were divided into 3 small group and I was in the last group, that was 3rd group. The aim for this visiting was to encourage life science students to further their study in FMHS soon and thus to introduce the life style of Medicine Students at FMHS. There were 3 stations that we had to visit.

First station was Anotomy and Pathology Museum. It was the second library for the Medicine students according to the lab. demostrator. The lab. demonstrator also said that the Medicine students should memorize all part of the displayed pathology to qualify them to further their studies. There were a lot of preserved wet and dry bone and tissues such as Cardivascular System, Hepatobiliary Sysyem, Respiratory System, Gastriontestinal System, Urogenital System and many more. These preserved were the sample of certain diseases. They were located into a special,safe,private room. Even took a picture was not allowed. The collections included the demonstrating human anatomy and specimens illustrating all the important branches of surgical pathology. These were displayed according to the regions of the body. The lab. demonstrator also showed us the sample of kidney failure that was caused by kidney stones. Through the sample we could see clearly the preserved kidney stones in the kidney.

Next station was Mortuary. We had to walk about 5-10 minutes to go to Mortuary at Hostipal Umum Sarawak. There were three dead bodies are using for the studies. From my observation ,maybe the dead bodies were imported from India referred to their skin colour. Two of them were used over 19 years for the studies purpose while another one probably had been used for just a few years because it look better than the previous two. There was a doctor who showed us the part of the real human body. Some of the part were...
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