Visit at Saint Francis House

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Tingkahan, Fatima Vienna Mae S.
March 11, 2013

Walk for a Cause Reflection Paper
Actually, it was my first time to participate in this kind of activity because of my asthma. It’s hard and challenging for me, of course. But I decided to still join the said activity though I have asthma, not only because it is 35% of our grade but because participating in this activity gives me a chance to help the less fortunate children in St. Francis House. I had a big preparation a night before the activity for my body to be condition and function well accordingly. I nebulized myself and prepared my things. I see to it that I’m with my inhaler and mineral water during the walk for a cause. But one thing that bother me the most is that I was afraid that I might not wake up so early because I’m not used to it but surprisingly I just made it. I arrived at the venue just in time for the walk. I was enjoying the walk during the activity because of my friends and classmates. Expecting that I might get tired and take my inhaler but I was wrong. Because of the enjoyment during the walk, I didn’t even feel tired and thank God I don’t need to inhale from my inhaler during the walk.

The whole experience was so heart-warming and from that experience I’ve learned a lot. It gives me a smile on my face and a pleasure in my heart knowing that I’m one of the people who helped them. Seeing them happy because of the donations and events (games) makes my heart melt. It must be the most unforgettable moment of their lives that they have experiences it with us. It just made me realized how lucky I am with my parents and my life. The kids made me more love my parents and appreciate every single thing they’re doing for us, their children. They are lucky for they have been saved from experiencing a more hurtful one and are now being taken cared of those people who are all so warm and caring. They are lucky for they have bunch of sisters and brothers who will heed them...
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