Visions of the Future

Topics: Mount Everest, Altitude sickness, Climbing Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Visions of the Future
“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to enter our Today in History. I’m Emma. Today is Dec.23, 2512. Five hundred years ago, Dec. 23, 2012, so many people were in a blind panic because of the misrepresentation of Mayan history which believed that the world would be ended in Dec.23, 2012. However, today, human beings still exist and our plant is there either. Scientists recently predict that the globe temperature will continually rise in fellow mouths and the rising temperature will also lead to the rapid rise in sea level. And a water planet is shaped…” The news has already spread along the streets and lanes. After the news reported, multitudes of people start to live in a panic and try to find themselves practical ways to survive on this water plant. Some people call the helicopter company to buy a helicopter and park it on their own lawn in front of their houses to make sure that they can be out of the danger for the first time. Some people buy one or two speedboats to replace the cars which are in their garages. And there are also some people, scientists, still working very hard in the laboratory and they are divided into two groups: some are trying to use special materials to build houses which can float on the water for people to live in and others devote themselves to working on how to make “Land Reclamation” more efficiently so that more people can avoid losing home. The whole city is full of hustle and bustle overnight. Merlin is a twenty-year-old journalist, whose choice is neither helicopter nor speedboats. He has a strange idea which is quite different from others’, that is climbing the Mountain Everst which is the highest peak in the world. Although there is some opposition, he never changes his mind because attempting to climb the Mountain Everst is a dream in his heart for many years. If the land were not submerged, he would regard this climbing as a trip of dream realization. It is less an evasion of the...
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