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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Sosuke Nakano
HIST 1113-006
HW 1 Chapter 2
1. What did John Adams mean by “We must Suffer People to take their own Way? Was this strategy successful? Why or Why not? Adams groped for that U.S.A. became independent from the British in those days. However, he judged that it was not a wise policy that a fret was going to become independent. He also judged we can evade various risks that will happen for independence. As a result, progress became slow down, but successful.

2. Name at least three arguments favoring independence voiced early in the Second Continental Congress. How did advocates of independence expect other countries to react?

John Adams, Lee etc. had the arguments in favor of independence. Follow of these are their arguments.
1.) The colonies are already independent from Britain and this had been for a long time. 2.) People are for independence and this is represented by how they respond to news of Virginia’s voting for independence. 3.) Foreign nation such as Spain treat colonies very fairly and help them to win their independence from Britain. This meeting was held behind closed doors because of policy of never spoken openly to other nations. 3. Name at least three arguments presented by those who opposed or at least expressed reluctance toward independence. Why did those taking these positions believe their positions were valid?

The main debaters against independence of America were John Dickinson, James Wilson etc. Follow of these are their arguments. 1.) The timing of independent was not right here. We were needed to deal with Britain. 2.) People were not ready to independent from Britain.

3.) Spain was not guaranteed to support independence from Britain for the colonies. They believed their position was right because they want to settlement to Britain as a representative of the moderates.

4. What events between January and May 1776 propelled the Second Continental Congress to reach a consensus and seek...
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