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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Vision Tec Project

Vision Tec is an advanced technology company who develops high tech products for various industries. Vision Tec has been task to develop a product (camera) that will inspect drug label to ensure they contain the proper information to meet constantly evolving governmental standards. In order for this project to be realized, certain tasks must be organized and completed. After a meeting with the Marketing Director and the Research and Development Director, Vision Tec (Project Manager) will utilize a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and organized the various tasks that were discussed during the meeting. The purpose of the WBS is to identify and organize the project into activities, sub-tasks, and work packages needed to achieve goals. For this project the best approach would be to use the Top-Down Approach. The top-down approach will ensure five objectives: (a) Clear understanding of the goal in the Project Overview Statement (b) Break down the goal into deliverables (c) Identify activities that must be performed from the beginning to the completion of the project (d) Break down the deliverables into activities (e) Successively decompose work into smaller, more manageable components until the project manager is satisfied that the work is defined at a sufficient level of details to allow for estimate time, cost and resource requirements. The purpose is to provide better management control.

The major deliverables:

1) Establish Market Feasibility- determine if the product will be accepted by the market.

2) Interview customers to determine current issues with label quality.

3) Determine Market Trend.

4) Market Test- determine if the product is suitable for profit.

5) Concept Feasibility- research available technologies; if something is found, develop some prototypes which will be evaluated against the early market requirements.

If all goes well with the Concept Feasibility study and this project makes good business...
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