Vision Statement

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Throughout my life I have thought about the different things that I want to accomplish. And as time has passed, those things, for the most part have constantly changed. Things such as a career, where I want to live and whom I associate with are variable. There have also been goals that have been constant: exercise regularly, maintain certain relationships, and get educated.

There are a few things that I enjoy doing, which I would like to continue or build upon. I enjoy exercising and playing soccer. I have played since I was 5 years old and it is something that I enjoy thoroughly. I know that it is just a matter of time before I am too old to continue playing, so I would like to make an effort to play more often. If I can play about once a week, I will be satisfied.

I would also like to exercise more in general. My wife and I have been exercising together lately but it has slacked off. There are often times that neither of us feels like it, but we motivate each other, which is a nice advantage. If I can combine jogging with soccer and some weight lifting, I will feel much better about myself and be healthier.

I also see myself continuing my education. I have already taken the first step by taking this course. I would like to see that a few years from now, I will have obtained my Masters degree and have the opportunity to continue my education even further.

I would like to start saving more money. I definitely feel that in today’s financial environment that we all need some cushion should the unforeseen happen. I would like to have about $15,000.00 stored away in the next couple of years.

I see myself being fortunate enough to maintain my job at ADP, while continuing to build on some of the success I have with owning property. It is a small venture that I have so far, but a good start. I would like to buy more property and improve the properties that I already own.

There are some things that I...
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