Vision of the Future

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The regular person has many goals and aspirations. If you have ever been in an interview, the interviewers ask a series of none profession related questions. As for myself, I have been asked the question as, where do you see yourself in five years. It has always been a personal challenge to answer the question, maybe, lack of prioritization of my life’s goals. After some research, having a vision statement can assess the most desirable futuristic goals in life. I have been working on my five year plan for almost one year, but I have chosen the broad aspect of my future instead of the details. My opinion of a vision statement is the where, what, and how of your future. The three questions are “where do I want to be in five years”, “what am I currently doing for my future”, and “how can I accomplish those goals within five years”. There have been many studies and endless rows of books regarding the five year plan. Everybody has a different interpretation regarding the five year vision statement. Many do not care and others care too much. Strengths and Weakness

Throughout years, my personal vision/goals have changed due to unexpected circumstances. Recently, I have meditated and given a thought to my most realistic goals. When searching for a plan, I have categorized “my wants” for the next five years. I have always been a dreamer; but as I mature, mentally and spiritually, there are four things that have always been important in my life. The four are categorized as education, career, finances, and dreams. The four have a synchronized relationship with each other because they give answers to the where, what, and how of my future. Many say that to dream is somewhat of a human weakness but I feel dreams can be consider as a strength and weakness depending on the aspects of the dream. The importance of working hard about something you might be passionate can be powerful and fragile because you are guided by a dream and the belief the dream becoming the present...
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