Vision of Self and Life

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My Vision of Self and Life

It has always been my dream to become a great physician, more specifically an eye doctor, ever since I was young girl. It would not be wrong to imagine life as one even before I finish my education in college. Sometimes when idle, I daydream of my life around 15 years from now. That would make me around 31 years old. I see myself in a clinic, my very own, with lots of patients waiting in line just to have their eyes checked. I could feel the joy emitted from my patients’ expressions when they first get to see after blindness. This scenario always plays back over and over in my mind. I have always wanted to be of great help to the people in my community. I have always wanted to restore their health and vision to the normal ways. This makes me want to achieve my ambition of being a doctor even more.

I know what kind of life doctors have. Both my parents have shown me that for as long as I have lived. From their kind of life, I could say that as a doctor, life would be busy and stressful—busy because of the number of patients to be handled, stressful because of the attitudes of patients to be handled. But at the end of the day I know I will still be thankful for my life as a doctor because I would feel that the health of other people would be greatly dependent on the skills I have learned in college in order to get rid of such diseases or injuries. Also, another good thing about being a doctor is that I can choose my own time and my own schedule. This would leave me more than enough time to spend with my family and/or friends.

But come to think of it, will God allow me to achieve this dream career of being a doctor? Is that the reason why He has helped me get into the course, BS Pharmacy, or is it because He wants me to be a pharmacist instead? Only very few would ever say that BS Pharmacy is easy, and all the more would they say that Medicine is simple. Would God help me graduate these two courses, or at least...
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