Vision, Mission and Purpose of British Airways

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The Strategist’s Choice

Vision, Mission and Purpose of British Airways
Do you know where you are taking your business? Having a sense of vision, mission and purpose provides the underpinning for strategic direction.

established and made explicit sometime in the past. Objectives therefore establish direction and in some cases set specific end points. They should have time-scales or end-dates attached to them. The attainment of them should be measurable in some way and ideally they will encourage and motivate people.

Strategic Direction and Purpose
Business needs direction in terms of where the business owner or strategic leader wants it to go, and how he or she would wish it to develop. This is really related to the mission of the business and/or possibly a visionary statement concerning the future. A mission is likely to be stated broadly and generally and it is unlikely that it can ever be achieved completely. Thus, the organization pursues the mission, looking for new opportunities and new ways of building value for customers, dealing with problems and seeking to progress in the chosen direction continuously. Improvements in the overall situation towards the stated mission are the appropriate measure of performance. Managers at all levels are likely to be set specific objectives to achieve. These, logically, are quantifiable targets for sales, profit, productivity or output, and performance against them is measured and evaluated. Objectives then become measurable points which indicate how the organization is making definite progress towards its broad purpose or mission. Vision, Mission and Purpose

Vision …Progress, Values, and Standards of behaviour and Performance Mission…Aims, distinctiveness, purpose resources and values make up

Objectives… Direction, end
points and timescales

Goals and Objectives
Objectives should be set and communicated so that people know where the strategic leader wants the business to be at some time in the future. At the same time it’s absolutely vital that the objectives currently being pursued are clearly understood. Because of incremental changes in strategies actual or implicit objectives may change from those that were Unique Business Strategies Making Good Businesses Better T: + 44 (0) 1280 844966

It is important, straight away, to distinguish between the idea of a broad purpose and specific measurable milestones. Intended strategies are developed from the mission and the desired objectives as they are the means of achieving them. Hence, a change of objectives is likely to result in changes of strategy. At the same time it is important to realize that incremental, adaptive and emergent changes in strategy whether the result of internal or external pressure affect the levels of performance of the business, i.e. its growth profit or market share and these performance levels should be related to the objectives actually being pursued. The central theme of this paper is that it is essential that the most senior managers in a business understand clearly “where it is going,” and why. Ideally, as business owners and managers will appreciate the overall mission, and how their own role contributes to its attainment. Page 1

The Strategist’s Choice
The strategies being followed may be different to those that were originally stated and there may be good reasons for this. Thus the situation should be reviewed constantly as the business owner or company determine whether it has attained its maximum growth potential or highest quality?

The visions of some of
British Airways The world’s favourite airline

Primarily, the mission statement should not address what an organization must do in order to survive, but what it has chosen to do in order to thrive. It should the big and beautiful… be positive, visionary and motivating. Cadbury Schweppes Working together to create brands people love. The Sony Spirit Sony is a trail blazer, always a seeker of the unknown. Sony will never...
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