Vision, Mission and Objectives of Business

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            I have a great desire to build a multi-national company which will have a huge capacity to build Spear parts for the different manufacturing Industry i.e. Shipping Industry , Aluminum Industry, Steel furniture Industry with the help of using the IT and advance process to make it more quality and affordable. My Company’s Vision would be “ Quality supplier of all type of manufacturing Industry” Benefit of good vision

➢ Good visions are inspiring and exhilarating.
➢ Visions represent a discontinuity, a step function and a jump ahead so that the company knows what it is to be. ➢ Good visions help in the creation of a common identity and a shared sense of purpose. ➢ Good visions are competitive, original and unique. They make sense in the marketplace as they are practical. ➢ Good visions foster risk-taking and experimentation. Good visions foster long-term thinking.

➢ Good visions represent integrity, they are truly genuine and can be used for the benefit of people. My Company’s Mission would be “ To become no.1 Industry oriented and Organization friendly of quality supplier of all type of manufacturing Industry”

Basis for building good Mission Statement
➢ Belief that the product or service can provide benefits at least equal to its price. ➢ Belief that the product or service can satisfy a customer need currently not met adequately for specific market segments. ➢ Belief that the technology to be used will provide a product that its cost and quality competitive. ➢ Belief that hard-work and the support of others, the business can grow and be profitable. ➢ Belief that the management philosophy of the business will result in a favorable public image. ➢ Belief that the entrepreneur’s self concept can be communicated and adopted by employees and shareholders. My Company’s Objective would be :

1. Establish a proper action program which...
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