Vishnu 1

Topics: Treta Yuga, Sanskrit words and phrases, Yuga Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: October 12, 2010
Vishnu 1 This myth describes life as a continuously repetitive cycle. What aspects of life support such a view? In some of our worlds it was about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We had the first stage of life beginning with Adam and Eve, they were given everything they wanted, and they did not have to work or do anything. Everything was provided for them until Eve ate an apple from the forbidden tree and convinced Adam to do the same. Then there was shame and guilt. We had to pay for those sins and so we then go through the second stage. Now we have to work hard for what we need and want. Building our own homes, providing our families with food and clothing and all the essentials, similar to the Treta Yuga cycle. The third stage were the 17th and 18th Century where we were questioning our religious doctrines and scientist were proving the religious doctrines wrong and laws were being established to bring order in our world. The rich the noble people start to get greedy and they forget about the poor, which leads to misfortune, suffering and death. Then the fourth cycle the wars start with each other. Maybe that is why the bible talks about Noah’s Ark and the great flood that destroyed all the people except for the all the people and animals that were on Noah’s Ark. These cycles could relate to human cycle of life where there is birth, maturity, death and rebirth. Many different parts of the world still have their own stories about the cycle of life. I believe God put us on this earth for a purpose with some guidelines to follow. Then God throws in a few obstacles to see how we deal with them and whether or not we have enough faith to believe that with the knowledge he has given us and what we have learned things get better and we will be ok. You can look at it and get angry and depressed, but it does not go away. You may find solutions and maybe you will not. Why worry about something you cannot do anything about. We all have choices rich...
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