Viscosity Lab

Topics: Viscosity, Liquid, Corn syrup Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Viscosity Science Lab
To determine of changing the viscosity will affect the time it takes for a marble to flow through a liquid.

If a marble is dropped into dish soap and corn syrup, than I predict that the marble in the dish soap will travel faster than the marble in the corn syrup because I know that the viscosity of the corn syrup is thicker than then the viscosity of the dish soap. Also, the particles in the corn syrup are more compact than those in the dish soap. This makes the marble sink faster in the dish soap than the corn syrup.

* 2 identical marbles
* 250 Graduated Cylinders of 250mL
* 250mL of dish soap
* 250mL of corn syrup
* 1 timer/stopwatch

1. Drop one marble in the graduated cylinder of corn syrup and begin timing 2. Continue timing until the marble hits to the bottom and stop the timer 3. Record the time result in the qualitative chart

4. Record all observations in the quantitative chart
5. Repeat all steps from 1-4 fir the graduated cylinder of the dish soap 6. Clean up the work area

Qualitative Observations

Dish Soap| Corn Syrup|
* Green * Quick * Pungent * Bubbles * Translucent * Level rose * Bright * Not Viscous| * Level Rose * Very Slow * Bubbles * Translucent * Pungent * Viscous * Muted * Dark|

Quantitative Observations:
Dish Soap| Corn Syrup|
7.24 seconds| 87.25 seconds|

See graph attached at the end of this lab.
Yes, my hypothesis was correct. I discovered that a marble travels approximately 7 seconds in 250mL of dish soap and approximately 87 seconds in corn syrup. Also, I found that the corn syrup is more viscous than the dish soap which is what caused the slow and fast sinking. This result occurred because the particles in the corn syrup are much larger than normal particles. These large particles within the corn syrup take up more space....
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