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Unit 3 Outcome 2

A written report with accompanying visual material, analysing the effectiveness of a range of visual communications.

* Students must analyse two or more different visual communications each with a different audience * Following analysis of each communication, compare and contrast differences in approach by each designer in attracting identified audiences. * Length: 500-750 words

* Time: 120-150mins (over a week of scheduled class time)

Design Analysis

* Description of Visual Communication
* Provide a detailed description of the visual communication * Audience
* What are the visual indicators that suggest the audience? * Purpose
* What visual information identifies the purpose?
* Context
* Where is the visual communication located?
* How does this impact upon the appearance and content? * Design Elements
* Indicate the design elements used
* Describe the visual effect they have within the visual communication * Design Principles
* Indicate the design principles used
* Describe the visual effect they have within the visual communication * Methods, Materials and Media
* Indicate the methods used
* What effect do the methods have on the visual communication? Suggest why they were chosen by the designer. * Describe the visual effect of the media used. Suggest why such media were chosen. * Describe the visual effect of the materials used. Suggest why such materials were chosen.

Writing task format -
* Describe both visual communication pieces using the criteria above. * Find the comparisons and differences between each piece using the criteria above. * Next summarize your findings and provide your own opinion. Which visual communication piece do you think is the most successful and why?


Poster # 2; Live on the Coke side of life

Description of Visual Communication
This advertisement contains a slogan, the company logo name and several figures. The main figure is the red coke bottle near the centre of the advertisement discharging a bright red smiley face accompanied by other images in a white and blue background.

The advertisement’s target audience are probably young teenagers to adults. An assumption like this can be made because of the bright colours deployed on the design. The message and design that the designer is trying to get across is very simple and easy for teenagers and adults to understand.

The smiley face and the bold ‘Am’ help us identify the purpose of this poster. The purpose of this poster is to promote the iconic carbonated drink called Coca Cola as well as sending out a message of happiness. It’s main theme centers around people drinking Coke and feeling happy and positive. In other words ‘You drink Coke, you feel good’. The poster has optimistic and positive vibes, and it captures the very essence of life. It encourages people to love spontaneity and to see the world in full colour.

Since we’re living in the 21st century with such advance technology and the poster was designed in 2006, this advertisement could appear in almost anything. For example, the advertisement would definitely appear on the internet as well as in magazines, newspapers, posters or be displayed on billboards around the city.

Depending on where the advertisement is located, the appearance and content will be impacted as well as the audience. For example, if a person is on a road trip and drove past this advertisement on a billboard, that person will probably want to stop by at a store and find something refreshing to drink like coke. In addition, if that person was also feeling down, he/she could feel a tiny bit happier after seeing...
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