Virus Case Study

Topics: Computer virus, Antivirus software, Trojan horse Pages: 9 (2329 words) Published: November 10, 2012
(a)Briefly explain in detail to the management about various fact/issues about ‘virus’ – what it is, how it spreads, what are the areas of infections, what are specific viruses.

Most computer users get alarmed when they heard about the word “virus”. Virus brings a lot of damages in human’s computer works as it brought harmful effects. Viruses affect businesses’ efficiency, productivity and money as it really takes time to get rid off the threat. Viruses do easily, quickly and quietly spreading without the user's knowledge because of the interoperability between the system and the applications. The lack of education for user is one of the main reasons for a virus infection. IT staffs are the persons who get upset most of the time when there’s a virus infection in one of the computers in an organization. Users are being informed and advised what they have done wrong and then ask why they did it but the question is, were they educated beforehand or were they just relying in their common sense? It is very important to remember that these users are not IT pros and it is the organization’s IT department job and responsibility to educate them properly. Usually, what normal end users do is installing anti virus software to avoid computer viruses to infect and get in to their computer systems and data. Computer virus could be prevented by educating each of the users on what are DOs and DON’Ts in preventing virus epidemics. Educating users are one of the big challenges in confronting computer viruses. A lot of effort will be needed to provide a proper education about computer virus especially if the target user includes home user and users with non-IT literature background. Let’s say for example, in an organization, we could create rules for an anti virus campaign. First we have to define and explain them what a Virus is. A virus is a small program written by skilled programmers, capable of self-replication and implementation of various destructive actions. Virus usually attached to the file, or enters the body file. In this case we say that the file is infected with a virus. The virus gets into your computer only with the infected file. To enable the virus to download an infected file, and only after that, it starts to act independently. Some viruses in the infected file resides in the computer's memory and can infect other downloadable files and programs. Another kind of virus immediately after activation can cause serious damage, such as formatting the hard drive. Effect of the virus can manifest itself in different ways, from different visual effects, hindering work to complete loss of information. Most viruses infect the executive program, that is, files with the extension. EXE and. COM, although in recent years increasingly popular viruses that spread through e-mail.

The main source of the virus:

Computer network, including e-mail and Internet
Hard drive that got the virus from handling infected programs Virus remains in the memory after the previous user

The main early symptoms of infection by computer virus:

Reducing the amount of free memory
Slow down the computer
Wierd and unusual changes in files, and change the size and last modification of files Error loading operating system
You cannot save files to the proper location
Incomprehensible system messages, music, and visual effects, etc. Signs of an active phase of the virus
Disappearance of files
Formatting the hard drive
Inability to download files or operating system

There are many different viruses. Conventionally, they can be classified as follows:

1)Boot virus or BOOT-viruses infect boot-disk sectors. These are dangerous as it can lead to complete loss of all data stored on disk.

2)File viruses infect files. It is divided into:
Viruses that infect program (files with the extension. EXE and. COM); •Macro viruses which infect data files, such as Word documents or workbooks Excel •Companion...
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