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Virus Shutters U.S Power Plant
University of Phoenix Phineas Johnson II
January 23, 2013
Mr. Anderson

Virus Shutters U.S Power Plant
A mainframe virus infected a turbine regulator system within a United States energy company the previous fall after an operator mistakenly introduced a contaminated USB CPU drive in the system. The incident cause the plant to remain off line for 3 weeks. The Division of Homeland Defense narrative didn’t recognize the plant, but stated it was a virus brought in by an illegitimate software. It was said that a 3rd party that interacts with the company for business originally launched the virus while it was in its infancy. The Division of Homeland Defense reported the episode which happened last October, alongside with a 2nd attack which involved a more superior virus. Cyber experts assembled at a high ranking security symposium in Miami, Florida recognized as the S4. This conference was established to examine developing hazards against energy manufactures, water processing plants, and other vital infrastructure. In 2010 the Stuxnet email virus was released to attack the nuclear platform of Iran. Even though Israel and the United States are extensively believed to be at the source of initiating the attack experts have reason to believe that the technology may be copied by hackers for the development of their own individual viruses. This article is related to the reading material in Chapter 16, because they both identify viruses that can be administered through emails on computer systems. In conclusion, this writer has examined an article that relates to the recommendation of Week 2 individual request for completion of this paper. Thanks for your attention.

Finkle, J (2013) Reuters Retrieved on January 22, 2013 from idUSL1E9CGFPY20130116
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