Virtuous Woman

Topics: Bible, Woman, Book of Proverbs Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: April 18, 2012
When I read the two scriptures, the first thing that I noticed is the way the scriptures described the 2 different kinds of women and to me they were the exact opposite of each other. In this paper, I will compare and contrast the two women involved. I will discuss each one of them and describe their similarities/differences. First is the woman described in Proverbs 31, she was called the virtuous woman. The ideal woman as we can say. The woman who fears God, good wife, good mother, good neighbor, hard-working, smart, obedient, patient and all other good traits that a woman could ever possess. Most of us think that “virtuous” women are the women who stays at home, serve their husband and children, woman who does not work outside of the house, only does all the chores, only does what her husband says, etc. But if we look and study the scripture, a virtuous woman does not really just do house chores. A virtuous woman is a multitalented woman who can do anything for her love ones. She works hard and helps her husband in providing the needs of the family. She gets up in the morning to work and do her responsibilities; she takes care of the people that work with her. She is dependable, people can rely on her. A virtuous woman is a strong one, a caring mother, she knows how to deal with money and use it wisely and diligently, her husband trusts in her, and she is his partner in every aspect of life. Her husband trusts her with the responsibilities, a woman that analyzes logically and comes up with good decisions. She knows how to take care of business, she is resourceful, and at the same time she has compassion to care for other people specially the needy ones. She knows how to handle life’s challenges, she has a strong conviction. She gains respect from the entire family and people around her, they look up to her and she has a good reputation. A virtuous woman does not only takes care of other but also herself, she stays healthy and wears modest apparel. She teaches...
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