Virtues, Vices, and Habits of the Healthcare Provider

Topics: Virtue, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: January 27, 2013
VIRTUES: is a moral excellence. It is a positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good. * It comes from the Roman word vir which means “man”.
* Virtue is understood as the faculty of the human person to choose what is good against what is deemed to be bad or evil. (It is like morality. It is a distinction and value.)
(Some of the examples of Virtue are integrity, honesty, fidelity and so on, that will be discussed later.) VICES: is considered immoral, depraved or degrading act to all the members in a society. * It comes from the Latin word vitium which means “failing or defect”. * Vice is considered the product of a repeated sinful act.

(Vices in tagalog is “bisyo”. Vices are to be not done and are avoided.) HABITS: constant, easy way of doing things acquired by the repetition of the same act. “All that we have is habit.” (To explain further, there are two distinctions of habits.) E.G. Our daily routine, when we wake up in the morning and you immediately wear your shoes and start jogging around outside your house 1. Entitative Habits are habits of being. ( Connatural qualities, like, strength, beauty, and such) 2. Operative Habits means habit of acting. (Tendencies we have developed in us from repeated acts.) ex. VIRTUES OF THE HEALTHCARE PROVIDER

All healthcare professionals are to stick to fidelity as they serve the needs of their patients, that is the very purpose why they became healthcare providers. * Fidelity is derived from the Latin word fidelitas which means “faithfulness” * It also means faithfulness to one’s obligations, duties, and responsibilities. He must exercise fidelity. (example: Pledge, in giving aid and healthcare to the patients that’s what you are called for, it is your job to do it faithfully.)

Healthcare providers are called to be honest with their profession- which means honesty to their patients. * Honesty is derived from the Latin word...
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