Virtue Ethics, Care Ethics and Natural Law Theories

Topics: Ethics, Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: December 1, 2010
I have lived in Durham County forty 42 ½ years of my life and 2 ½ years in Granville County and has had the same thought for all that time. I’ve never thought of any theory to be right besides Religious Ethics. None of my life I paid attention to any other theory besides Divine Command Theory until I took this course. I was satisfied with just believing there was no way possibly another theory could come close to Divine theory. I researched and read other people opinions and I have to think about other people feelings as well. I found that I was being judgmental on my topic of Same-sex marriage. I started trying to think like homosexuals and asked myself would I want to be treated like this? I decided to ask some Gay people questions on why they were this way. As it turns out, a lot of gay people said they couldn’t help it, especially men; some women stated that they were scarred in a heterosexual marriage or relationship and turned to women instead. There were others that stated that they were molested and was confused about their identity. Almost to my disbelief, all of these people I interviewed were in the church. Most served on a ministry in the church and was very much into Christ. Throughout this semester I will be addressing the issue of Same-sex marriage. The existence of Same-sex marriage raises a moral dilemma. A moral dilemma is “a situation in theory or practice which forces an individual or group to choose between two equally important values, and whichever side one chooses they lose something” (Mundia, 2005). The moral dilemma in this case puts two values at odds. In order to help others we must not judge them and think our way is the only way. Virtue Ethics and Natural Law Theories would not support same sex marriage. Care Ethics would select same-sex marriage. The moral dilemma that arises in this practice is that most younger adults thinks that same-sex marriage is okay and majority of older adults don’t think...
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