Virtuality vs. Reality

Topics: World Wide Web, Online identity, Website Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Your Name Eng.111-01 Teachers Name Virtuality Vs. Reality Computers have become one of the most sought-after devices to date. One reason perhaps is the overwhelming popularity of the internet. Seems as if no one is immune to using the internet and even some restaurants offer free wi-fi for their patrons. There is virtually nothing that can't be done on the internet. Because of its popularity, everyday millions of people log on the internet either for online shopping, socializing, or researching. Going to malls and department stores may soon be a past activity for the busy person due to the popularity of shopping on the internet. People may chose shopping online because it is very convenient, cheap, and variety is offered right at a person's finger tips. First of all, the convenience of shopping online is very time saving, and it eliminates the need to drive around to several different stores searching for that perfect gift. For example, a person can shop right at home using a smartphone, a laptop, or an Ipad in the convenience of her own bed. In addition to being convenient, online shopping can be money saving. Searching for deals online can save an individual a lot of money. Besides finding deals on the internet; moreover, staying home, and purchasing online can also save tremendously on gas expenses. While...
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