Virtual Whiteboard

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The theme of this project required a better understanding of the following topics and their related technologies.

Classroom Learning

A classroom is a place in educational institutions where interactive learning activities can take place. It mostly consists of students, a teacher and a large writing surface such as a black/whiteboard, flipcharts or a projector by which notes can me exchanged and discussed1.


• Provides interactive setting that promotes the open exchange of ideas between student-student and student-teacher. 6


• Forcing students to learn by vocal exchange with a professor may limit their ability to learn.

• Does not provide shy students other means to communicate or clarify doubts. Vocal students tend to dominate discussions.

• Grouping of a number of students together in one class does not allow a teacher to give special attention to students who may need it (e.g. students with learning difficulties). 6

Online Learning

Also known as E-Learning, On-line learning is based on Computer-Based Learning/Training and has increasingly made use of virtual classrooms (whereby online presentations are given live) via a network or the World Wide Web2. The six main types of online training currently provided are:

• Web pages

• EBook courseware

• Interactive Learning

• Screen casts

• Webinars

• Interactive Learning Environments5


• Easily accessible with a basic home computer and internet connection.

• Allows for distance learning.

• Easy information transfer via emails, social networks and chat systems. 6


• Isolates students from the teacher.

• Many barriers exist in learning complex subjects on-line.

• Limited effective teaching methods known since it is still pretty new. 6

Comparison: Classroom Learning V/S Online Learning

With the popularity of the internet and falling prices of basic home computers, good education is becoming easily accessible. Be it via distance learning or simply following step-by-step tutorials, one can easily make use of computers to learn about anything at his/her own pace and availability. Factors such as gender, race, religion and especially age are no longer an issue as is the case in certain institutions. However, it must be noted that learning of certain things cannot be done online. Those activities which require the presence of an instructor to improve skills (especially in sports) are yet far from being replaced. Only with more frequent usage and exposure to online learning can we bring together the best of both worlds and devise new and effective teaching methods.

Works in Online Education:

DewSoft Virtual Campus8

Started in 2000 in India, DewSoft is a company that is currently providing millions of people worldwide with online education facilities. At a cost of about US $200 it provides over a hundred and fifty online courses in many fields by means of Interactive Education, webcasts, live lectures, discussion forums and online tests and more. Along with the education provided it also gives its students a chance to “earn while they learn” by simply creating a down-line of more students.


Many colleges and universities now offer online education and can be located by accessing One can find a place to follow a course they desire by simply selecting the type of degree, the subject and the program they would like to follow. The results obtained include courses that are offered online along with in-class courses to provide users with a choice according to their suitability.

Whiteboard Application

As mentioned earlier, a whiteboard is a large writing/drawing surface used in classrooms to exchange and discuss notes. A whiteboard application tries to simulate the same feature of a classroom in a virtual environment. It may incorporate many features...
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