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Topics: Bible, Emotion, Humans Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Vital Qualities Paper
Logan Rapp

Ohio Christian University
CM300- Christian Excellence
Professor Wolfe
February 17, 2011
According to most of the people in the world, one of the biggest problems that we face is not the failing world economy or the growing civil unrest in the Middle East. Instead most people in the world believe that we are the main problem, before any of the other struggles that might be going on. A better way of saying it would be that we as humans are the cause of the problems that we face. Those problems stem from the fact that we as humans don’t always get along with each other. Some people even say that if there weren’t so many “stupid” people in the world, it would be better place to live and there would also be fewer struggles around us. In the Bible we see that mankind has struggled to get along with each other since the fall of Man in the Garden of Eden. Since the Fall of Man, each of us is born with a sinful nature inside of us that makes us want to sin and rebel against what God would want us to do. In fact, God wants us to get along with each other and His Word is a great place to look to when it is difficult to get along with a co-worker or family member. With all of the knowledge of the Bible, and what it’s teaching could help us to do in getting along with others, we as humans still pick and choose what we believe to be the best solution when it comes to dealing with other people; whether it is good or bad for the relationship.

In his book How to Get Along with Almost Anyone H. Wright, writes about three important and vital qualities that we as Christians can use to get along better with other people. Those qualities are genuineness, nonpossessive love, and empathy. Now, I know that some of you might be a little inquisitive when it comes to following some else’s advice. Since, there is such a vast array of books on the same topic at your local book store. Yet, the author backs his vital qualities by saying the...
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