Virtual Meetings

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4-If we were in charge of a small business we would choose to implement videoconference for those reasons: Imagine going to your company meeting in your pajamas. It might be more likely of a reality than you would think. With virtual events becoming a fast growing industry, many business and trade meetings are going online instead of meeting up in the real world.

Virtual conferences still allow for the exchange of information, questions and answers with employees, clients and prospective clients through chat, file sharing and other familiar techniques which is why some companies are opting to use the technology to host training sessions or annual trade shows. Recently, ON24 held the VUE2010, an all day virtual event about virtual events hosted by MC Hammer today. A preview clip of the conference can be seen below.

2-Video Conference
Video Conference (or sometimes written videoconference) is the most common term for video communication. It replaced the term “videotelephony” which was somewhat redundant, even though we will meet the “tele” segment again. A video conference is the form of any communication using image and audio of two or more locations, exchanging data in real-time and in all directions at the same time. Private video conferencing solutions such as Skype also find their home in this category but are not industry standard. Telepresence

Telepresence is the “new term” for video conferencing. However most people would agree that the term telepresence includes only high-end codecs that support high bandwidth and provide HD resolutions. To be exact even we can break down the term into the two segments “tele” and “presence” so we are talking about being present in a remote location. And even though it is not really related to video conferencing entirely this also include the robotic telepresence
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