Virtual Love

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  • Published : June 9, 2008
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Meghan Daum is a writer who lives in New York and has a busy life. One day she received an email from a fan of her writing. She called him PFSlider or Peter. Pete emailed her to show is admiration of her writing. When she replied to his email he was very surprised. Then on he occasionally emailed her. She was very hesitant to continue replying to his emails but she did. She didn’t admit it but she was addicted to the communication by email with PFSlider. After the continuous emails, they gradually conversed on phone conversations. She would be up all night either on the computer or the phone. Meghan felt that this relationship was peculiar. Many cyber romances become disasters. This one wasn’t. It was particularly because they were being truthful. They talked about meeting each other in person. When they did, it wasn’t the same. She was meeting Pete, not PFSlider. She was attracted to PFSlider. It was the closeness between the emails and the privacy when she was on the computer with out other people, natures music, and call waiting on phones calls. She has a established a relationship over the emails and bring it to the real world did not work out. They tried to be what they were through emails and phone conversation in person, but it wasn’t the same. They’re virtual relationship was of that “Virtual.” If they had met at a party or on the street they probably would have never spoke to each other.
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