Virtual Learning Environment and High School

Topics: Virtual learning environment, Distance education, Education Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Evolution in Learning ! The modern classroom is changing. More and more students are enrolling in

online classes, while traditional classrooms are relying on online supplements in addition to in-class lectures. All students graduating in the year 2016 or later in the state of Florida are required to take at least two classes online in order to meet the high school graduation requirements. There are no planned increases in the number of classes required, and it is fairly easy to get out of the requirement; but most believe this is a beta test before they tack on more online classes to the requirement. Online learning may be cheaper and more accessible but it takes a certain type of person in order to succeed in an online classroom. Most people do not have the time management skills needed to succeed. Also, online schools typically have lower standards than traditional classes which means cheating is rampant and is very hard to prevent. Most importantly it is changing the role of the teacher, for better or worse. ! There have been several attempts at distance learning since the 1960’s, most

involved USPS and phone lines; very few people took advantage of these of classes, as they required a ton of effort. Starting in 1995, online based schools and classes started to pop up, the adoption rate was slow up until a decade later when it started to sky rocket because state funding began including online schools. The most successful attempt came with the widespread use of the internet, and took off in 1998 with a


florida-based pioneer FLVS. You are now able to educate yourself from kindergarden to graduate school online. The change in the way we learn has many benefits as well as disadvantages. We are able to school more people, at almost half the cost of a traditional school. The content can even be copied almost endlessly giving anyone who has the time... the ability to learn. One teacher can teacher 300 kids, and still have time to their own. Many...
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