Virtual Learning Environment

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Virtual Learning Environment
Virtual Learning Environment is one of the many learning strategies or methods. Virtual Learning Environment or online learning is part of blended approach of leaning. The other methods include self-managed learning where a person learns independently with the help from tutors, peers and using course materials and a face to face learning method is a strategy where learning takes place in an actual classroom with the tutors. Online learning started four decades ago with the introduction of internet. The Virtual Learning Environment is using web page platform to learn. It consists of two methods; synchronous and asynchronous method. Synchronous is a form where all participants are connected simultaneously and in asynchronous method the response is delayed according to the student’s preference though usually a time frame is given. Virtual learning or online learning has made a tremendous change in the way knowledge is acquired and has given immense benefit to the users/ students and the colleges and universities which provide this privilege. Firstly it reduces the costs for students and colleges. The number of students going for further studies keeps increasing every day with the increasing population and people opt to further study. And it’s very difficult for the colleges and universities to cater the demand due to limited infrastructure. With the use of this virtual learning method the huge costs on infrastructures like buildings and classrooms get avoided. Moreover the costs for printing handouts/notes reduce in a virtual learning platform since the tutors provide course materials through web pages and e-mails. As for the students they don’t have to relocate or travel until they complete their course, this saves a lot of travel and accommodation expenses. (McVay Lynch, 2004) One of the many reasons why many use Virtual learning is due to its flexibility. The asynchronous method of virtual learning...
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