Virtual Instrumentation: Labview

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Virtual Instrumentation With LabVIEW
III year B-Tech (E & I)

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Course Goals
• Understand the components of a Virtual Instrument • Introduce LabVIEW and common LabVIEW functions • Create a subroutine in LabVIEW • Work with Arrays, Clusters, and Structures • Build a simple data acquisition application • Develop in Basic Programming Architectures • Publish VIs on the Web • Mini-Project In LabVIEW B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Course Plan
Section I
•LabVIEW terms •Components of a LabVIEW •LabVIEW programming tools •Creating an application •Debugging Techniques

Section II
•SubVIs •Loops and Structures •Array and its Functions •Graphs & Charts •Read/Write to a spreadsheet file

Section III

•Data Acquisition •Strings, Clusters, & Error Handling •Channel Config •Basic Programming Architecture •Analog to Digital Signal •Remote Panel Web Publishing Tool •Data Acquisition Terminology •Test Run for the channel config Mini-Project In LabVIEW B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Section IV

Mark Split Ups

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Section I
• LabVIEW terms • Components of a LabVIEW application • LabVIEW programming tools • Creating an application in LabVIEW

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

LabVIEW Programs Are Called Virtual Instruments (VIs)
Front Panel
• Controls = Inputs • Indicators = Outputs

Block Diagram
• Accompanying “program” for front panel • Components “wired” together B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

VI Front Panel
Front Panel Toolbar
Boolean Control Icon

Graph Legend

Waveform Graph Plot Legend Scale Legend

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

VI Block Diagram
Block Diagram Toolbar SubVI Graph Terminal Wire Data Divide Function

While Loop Structure

Numeric Constant

Timing Function

Boolean Control Terminal

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Express VIs, VIs and Functions
• Express VIs: interactive VIs with configurable dialog page • Standard VIs: modularized VIs customized by wiring • Functions: fundamental operating elements of LabVIEW; no front panel or block diagram


Express VI

Standard VI

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Controls and Functions Palettes
Controls Palette
(Front Panel Window)

Functions Palette
(Block Diagram Window)

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Tools Palette
• Floating Palette • Used to operate and modify front panel and block diagram objects. Automatic Selection Tool

Operating Tool
Positioning/Resizing Tool Labeling Tool Wiring Tool Shortcut Menu Tool

Scrolling Tool
Breakpoint Tool Probe Tool Color Copy Tool Coloring Tool

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Status Toolbar
Run Button Continuous Run Button Abort Execution Pause/Continue Button Text Settings Align Objects Distribute Objects Reorder Resize front panel objects Execution Highlighting Button Step Into Button Step Over Button Step Out Button

Additional Buttons on the Diagram Toolbar

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Open and Run a Virtual Instrument
Example finder

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Creating a VI
Front Panel Window

Block Diagram Window

Control Terminals

Indicator Terminals

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Creating a VI – Block Diagram

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Wiring Tips – Block Diagram
Wiring “Hot Spot” Click To Select Wires

Use Automatic Wire Routing

Clean Up Wiring

B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Dataflow Programming
• Block diagram executes dependent on the flow of data; block diagram does NOT execute left to right • Node executes when data is available to ALL input terminals • Nodes supply data to all output terminals when done B-Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)

Help Options
Context Help
• • • • Online help Lock help Simple/Complex Diagram help Ctrl + H

Online reference
• All menus...
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