Virtual Child

Topics: Life, Family, Death Pages: 17 (7098 words) Published: February 23, 2012
A "Virtual" Child
Miguel Parra
Troy university
Human Lifespan Growth and Development
Psychology 6668
Dr. Joyce Woodburn, Ed.D.
February 19, 2011
A "Virtual" Child (abstract)
This is the Santiago’s life story, a professional musician. Below I will go through all the events of his life, the more relevant facts and chronic about Santiago’s life and also what made the character he was. Also, I will tell the most important issues about his life, his major influences throughout his life, and all the most significant issues from each of the stages of its life and history. There will be not only a historical but also a sociological and psychological analysis of his childhood, adulthood and old age so as well as also what happened during her last days of existence. It will also include general information about his development, crisis, traumas, and environmental situations where developed all his potential as a person, professional, spouse, son etc. plus a summary of his physical, cognitive and socio-emotional behavior.

Prenatal Development
Ok, I want you to meet how my little baby was conceived. This stage of development begins with fertilization process ending with the birth of Santiago. Now that we can know in advance what will be the genetic code of our offspring, nothing is lost if we try. First of all we were looking for information about the procedure. We went to the gynecologist who would respond our questions about this important stage. The doctor explained the benefits of using the technology they use to ensure that our son Santiago will be free of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, predisposition to obesity, dyslexia and other pathological conditions that can be eliminated from the prenatal stage. We were informed of the four possibilities: Cloning, which is, create an embryo of my own person, Hetero, creating an embryo with my wife, this one is the traditional but subject to genetic monitoring process, and two more: Homo1, which is the creation of an embryo for female same-sex couples and Homo, where the DNA of a man is used to replace the nucleus of a donor egg, the other man is fertilized and then implanted into a woman who will be responsible for carrying the baby to term.(Santrock, 2008, p. 69) As I do not like complications we opted for the traditional. Then proceeded to make a map of our code to detect which of my genes or my partner may have a defect that could pass on to our baby. After analyzing our DNA, we were given a list (the results) that I thought would be so huge and so scary. We were informed that my baby would have a 28 percent chance of developing myopia, 36 percent of arthritis, heart disease 25 percent, 3 percent of Down syndrome, 8 percent bipolar disorder, 20 percent, anxiety, antisocial behavior 13 percent, 10 percent of susceptibility to addiction, but fortunately we are living in a very advance technology which is giving us a good possibility to have a normal healthy child. A good and consistent treatment, healthy food and a good monitoring throughout the pregnancy are part of this process. Hearing is the first way a baby develops in the womb, and the only one that lets you connect with the outside; and as I want to educate my son as a musician, this is really relevant. So as through vibrations, rhythms and melodies, my wife and me and our unborn child get engaged in close and pleasant relationship with the music. This is like a field trip from 38 to 40 weeks. The most exciting was to hear his heart in the first three months, beating fast. The heart begins to beat the 25th day. Neural tube that becomes the brain and spinal cord begins to form. At the end of the first month, the embryo is about 9 mm and weighs 0.5 grams. We tape recorded everything since the beginning each ultrasound, so we have all the events through the 9 months during the germinal, also the embryonic and fetal period. (Santrock, 2008, p. 79) Well, the...
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