Virtual Child

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Baby Girl: Preslee

0 Months:

1) Q: You are starting to notice that Preslee's crying is rhythmic and moderately loud when she is hungry, wet, or cold. If she is startled, there is a sudden intake of breath and a loud wail, followed by more deep breaths and loud wails. A: You try to respond to the different types of crying by changing, feeding, or soothing little Preslee.

2) Q: Preslee spends most of her time falling asleep, sleeping, or slowly waking up. When she is awake, you take advantage of the waking time by: A) rocking and singing to Preslee.

3) Q: For the first week or so Preslee wasn't very hungry and actually lost a little weight. However, now Preslee has begun to feed heartily and gain some weight back. A: You try to make feeding time as pleasant and relaxing as possible and feed her only as much as she wants.

4) Q: What kind of diapers will you use? The cloth diapers are more environmentally sound, but a lot more work than the disposable diapers. And those diaper safety pins are hard to work on a squirming baby! A: You decide to use the cloth diapers.

5) Q: Will you breast feed Preslee? A: Yes, but we will supplement with formula.

6) Q: You want Preslee to be active and curious about her environment, so you: A: give Preslee a lot of audio stimulation, including talking to her, singing to her, and listening to music.

3 Months:

1) Q: Preslee is easily irritated by loud noises and intense stimuli. She wakes up often at night in a random manner. You are getting grumpy. How will you deal with this? A: You or your partner will take turns soothing Preslee by rocking and talking softly.

2) Q: As a family with two working parents, what type of daycare will you choose? A: Hire a sitter to care for Preslee in your home.

3) Q: You and your partner need more sleep to keep up with the demands of work and childcare, so what do you do when Preslee wakes up crying at night? A: Feed/care for Preslee as soon as you can

4) Q: Preslee is awake about half of the time, sleeping about 6 hours at night and in three 2-hour blocks during the day. When awake, she is sometimes moving about restlessly, and sometimes quiet or calm. A: Choose a variety of activities depending on Preslee's mood and go with the flow.

5) Q: Preslee is occasionally fussy after meals, and on rare occasions has diarrhea. However, most of the time Preslee is relaxed and content after meals. A: When Preslee is fussy, hold Preslee upright to your chest or shoulder and pat gently. Burping is needed (not you - the baby!).

6: Q: You notice that Preslee can learn a thing or two so you start working on her baby IQ! A: You show Preslee interesting objects such as rattles, mobiles, and stuffed toys and watch how interested she is in looking at them or reaching for them.

7) Q: As you return to work, how will you feed Preslee? A: You will try to breast feed and pump when working outside the home.

8) Q: Preslee prefers people over objects, and smiles and interacts with nearly everyone. What will you do? A: Interact socially with Preslee as often as she likes, and take Preslee to meet new people often

8 Months:

1) Q: Preslee is comfortable in new situations, and seems to enjoy meeting new people even after an initial hesitation. A: You want Preslee to be a very sociable child, so you take her to meet lots of new relatives, neighbors and friends.

2) Q: You notice that Preslee seems to have little goals that involve two steps of planning ahead, so you encourage these cognitive advances by: A:encouraging Preslee to point to toys that are out of reach so you can get them for her, and encouraging Preslee to keep trying when there is an obstacle you know she can overcome.

3) Q: You want Preslee to establish a regular bed-time and sleep through the night. You think she's almost there. A: You make sure there are a lot of interesting activities in the evening to tire Preslee out, and encourage a healthy appetite for...
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