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1. General Administrative Tasks
Cut Costs and Expand Your Business Productivity with Administrative Help from a Remote Office Assistant. This is a big time saver for any business. Have a Remote personal assistant (with a 3 year university degree) to do your busy work for you. Imagine all the time you will save when an administrative assistant takes over many of your office support tasks. From presentation creation and data entry to answering phones and personal tasks, a general tasks VA is there to assist you with the tedious, everyday tasks that you just dont have time for, allowing you to concentrate on more important things. General Administrative Tasks Include But Are Not Limited To: Appointment Management

• Calendar Managing
• Appointment Scheduling
• Setting Reservations
• Business Meetings
• Personal TasksSales & Marketing
• Qualify Inquiries to Leads
• Qualify Leads to High Priority
• Compare RFQs/RFPs
• Prospect/Customer Follow-up
• List Generation/Management
• Telemarketing
• Interactive Marketing
• Requests for Point of Sales Materials
• Requests for Samples
• General Sales Correspondence
• Dictating
• Meetings/Calls/Interviews
• Seminars/Conferences
• Legal & Medical| Information Management
• Creating Spreadsheets
• Updating Spreadsheets
• PowerPoint PresentationsCustomer Relations Management
• Customer Service Issues
• Pricing Questions
• Customer Ordering
• Customer Purchase Analytics
• Product On Time/Complete Measurement
• Product Delivery Complaints
• Product Defect Complaints
• Customer Record Management
Accounting Services
• Basic Bookkeeping
• Pay Roll
• Invoicing
• Data Entry
• Utility Payments
• Billing & Follow Up| Phone Services
• Taking Messages
• Call Answering & Transfer
• Order Taking & Processing
• Customer Service
• Telephone Support E-mail/Chat Management
• Sending & Receiving
• Managing Inbox
• Email Response
• Customer Service/Support
• Live Chat SupportAnalysis & Research
• Creating Charts/Graphs
• Analysis of Charts/Graphs
• Product Research
• Market Research
• Competitor Research
• Personal Research

Database Management
• Creating Database
• Data Entry
• Organization & Sorting|

2. Website development & Maintenance
Do You Have Time to Properly Maintain Your Website?
One of the many services that our Remote assistants provide is website maintenance. Effectively maintaining a commercial website requires a fair amount of time and attention. Failure to properly maintain your site can lead to serious issues such as server problems and loss of your domain name. Our team of Remote assistants is specially trained to be proactive and can help in a variety of applications to ensure your website is always up and running smoothly.

Create a New or Improve Your Existing Website
If you need to create a professional online presence, our website development team can help you. Having a well designed website with proper SEO integrated from the ground up is the essential way to showcase your business online. An effective website should be appealing to the eye, accessible from search engines, consistently functional and easy for visitors to navigate. Our versatile staff can assist you with everything from basic website design and template installation to intensive e-commerce website business development. Some of the services we offer include:

* Install and moderate a blog or forum
* Design web page layout
* Create website architecture and navigation
* Design graphics and branding
* Coordinate content and layout
* Generate keyword analysis reports
* Perform custom programming
We can handle complex web development by employing a collaborative effort using several of our Remote assistants in their particular areas of expertise. Unlike many web developers or webmasters, our account representatives and project managers focus on clearly understanding your objectives before we begin...
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