Virginity Across Countries

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 8 (3224 words) Published: September 14, 2012

a.Cross Cultural Understanding Class
According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, the meaning of cross is mixture of two different things. Cultural means concerning culture, whereas culture is customs, beliefs, art, way of life etc of a particular country or group. Understanding means know or realize the meaning of words, a language, what somebody says, etc. So, we can conclude that Cross Cultural Understanding class is a process of learning and sharing the ideas about the mixture of two different culture consisting customs, beliefs, ideas, the way of thinking, habits, and many more. The third semester English Education Program students learn about Indonesian and American culture in CCU class. Here we are taught by Drs.Antonius Herujiyanto,M.A,Ph.D many things about American, starting from American’s habits, point of view, beliefs, mind set, circumstances, the differences between American and Indonesian and the reasons why we can be different in many things. Our class has the principle that every culture is good. After having this class, we now know a lot of things about what and why American cultures are. Americans have several values, they are personal control over the environment, change is healthy, control over time, equality and egalitarianism, individualism and privacy, self-help, future orientation, action and work orientation, informality, directness, openness, and honesty, and materialism. Here the example of values that is contrast with Indonesian is individualism and privacy. For American, privacy is so valuable, so they will not ask about personal things like age, religion, and relationship status to the stranger. For Indonesian, those kinds of questions are legal to be asked to the stranger. We also learn the term “American”, a description of American, “melting pot” and “mosaic” culture, stereotypes and generalizations, the nuclear and the extended family, working wives and husbands, and varieties of families in the United States. Instead of learning the theory of American cultures, we can get a lot of moral values here. This class teach us to not to do over stereotyping and over generalizing. Every culture has its own unique character. Since our principle in this class is every culture is good, we have to appreciate the differences because being different is beautiful.

b.The Nature of Virginity
Virginity is a state of being virgin, and virgin means a person who has never had sex (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary). In this decade, almost of all the people in every country debate about virginity. What is the actual meaning of being virgin? A person who has never had sex? Or a girl whose hymen hasn’t been broken? How about if her hymen was broken by the accident when she did the sports? How about the boy who did masturbation? Is he still categorized as virgin? How about the unmarried couples do the sex tape without penetration? Are they still virgin? The world grows so fast and now the questions of virginity also develop. The most controversial question nowadays is the importance of keeping the virginity before married. Every people in every country must have the different opinion and action in maintaining virginity. Some people still think that virginity is a sacred thing and it is a harmful thing to have sex before married, some of them don’t think like that anymore. They even think that being virgin is shame. The cultures take a lot of part in deciding whether or not they have to keep their virginity. As teenagers that live in Indonesia, the country that actually have the eastern culture but have been influenced a lot by western culture, keeping the virginity becomes a big question. Almost of all teenagers can be influenced by the issue easily. Some people especially the elder said that teenagers, moreover the girls, have to keep the virginity until they get married. Being virgin is a must because the most valuable creature is a virgin woman. For some people,...
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