Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan

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  • Published : February 4, 2007
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what were the major aspects of the virginia plan, and what were the major aspects of the new jersy plan? the compromise of these two plans enable the constitution to be ratified by the states. explain?

On May 29, 1789, Virginia delegage Edmund Randolph and others proposed the idea that became known as "The Virgina Plan". Edmund Randolph and other 15 delegate had meet up in Philidelphia at the Constitutional COnvention to revise and enlarge the Article of Confederation, which produced weak and inadequate national government. James Madision is the chief during this time. The Virgina Plan succeed in debate and revised the structure power of the national government. This gave the national government three branches legislative, executive, and Judical.

The Virginia Plan gave the strong national power that could make and enforce laws, and collect taxes. The people would be governed by two forms of government national and state. Both house of the legislature would have representative sitting from the states. This means that big states would occupy more people and more representative would sit and the plan was favored by the big states. Smaller states were scared about the plan because it would mean they would almost have no saying in the government with less representative. Smaller states were not in favor of the Virginia plan so they decided to draw up their own plan Known as The New Jersey Plan. This means that it would have equal represtation and each states gets the same number of representative in the house. The New Jersey plan was rejected for the new constitution, because it was a continuation of the old style of government under Article of Confederation.

On June 15, 1787, The New Jersey Plan is proposed by William Patterson shortly after The Virginia Plan. The plan had called due to since the larger states would have more power that the smaller states. This plan was rejected because it had the similar powers during the Article of...
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