Virginia Plan

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Presentation of the Virginia Plan
My honorable brethren we are gathered together today for an important purpose. Our duty to ourselves, this people, and our posterity is to create a government under which this this nation cannot fall. You are all gathered here because you, like me, understand that the articles of confederation that we have been loyal to since 1777 do not have the capacity to fulfill what they were meant to. They were written for the purpose to provide for the common defense, secure the liberties of the sates, and look after their mutual and general welfare. In these goals they fall short, you all understand this, which is why you’re here. The reason we are gathered though is to construct a document that will uphold these goals. May I propose a plan that I firmly believe will do what the Articles of Confederation could not?

The plan I present to you today was actually not written by me, but rather our Honorable James Madison, however due to my unique position as the governor of Virginia they have asked that I present this plan. I would like to briefly introduce to you the first ten points of our plan. I will introduce these points rather briefly after which I hope to have a discussion on these points if that is the will of our Honorable President George Washington.

Firstly, as I have already mentioned the Articles of Confederation are inadequate to serve the needs of the country. We need to establish a government that has three separate but co-dependent branches of government consisting of a supreme legislative, executive, and judiciary. The following points outline the main points and duties of each branch of this government.
The National Legislature should be bi-cameral, or in other words it should consist of two chambers.
The first chamber should be elected by the people of each state for a term of three years. They will be paid from fixed stipends which will come from the national treasury. Any person in the first chamber would...
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