Virginia Henderson

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Virginia Henderson’s Need Theory
* “First Lady of Nursing”
* “First Truly Internetional Nurse”
* “The Nightingale of modern Nursing”
* “The 20th century Florence Nightingale”
* Born in Kansa City, Missouri, in 1897 and is the 5th child of the family of 8th children but spent her formative years in virginia. * Received a Diploma in Nursing from the Army School of Nursing at Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C. in 1921. * Worked at the Henry Street Visiting Nurse Service for 2 years after graduation. * In 1923, she accepted a position teaching nursing at the Norfolk Protestant Hospital at Virginia, where she remained for several years. * In 1929, Henderson determined that she needed more education and entered Teachers College at Columbia University where she earned her; Bachelor’s Degree in 1932, Master’s Degree in 1934. * Subsequently, she joined Columbia as a member of the faculty, where she remained until 1948 (Hermann, 1998). * Since 1935, she has been a research associate at Yale University School of Nursing. * Died: March 19, 1996.

* Virginia Henderson was a well known as Nursing Educator and a Prolific Author. * She received Honorary Doctoral Degrees from the:
* Catholic university of America
* Pace University
* University of Rochester
* University of Western Ontario
* Yale University
* Her stature as a nurse, teacher, author, researcher, and consumer health advocate warranted an obituary in the New York Times, Friday, March 22, 1996. * In 1985 Miss Henderson was honored at the Annual Meeting of the Nursing and Allied Health Section of the Medical Library Association. Contributions

* In 1937 Henderson and others, created a basic nursing curriculum for the National League for Nursing in which education was “Patient centered and organized around nursing problems rather than medical diagnoses.” (Henderson, 1991) * In 1939, she revised: Harmer’s classic textbook of nursing for its 4th edition, and later wrote the 5th edition, encorporating her personal definiton of nursing (Henderson, 1991) * Although she was retired, she was a frequent visitor of nursing schools well into her nineties. * O’Malley (1996) states that Henderson is known as the “Modern-Day Mother of Nursing.” Her work influenced the nursing profession in America and throughout the world. * The founding members of ICIRN (Interagency Council on Information Resources for Nursing) and a passionate advocate for the use and sharing of health information resources. * In 1978, the fundamental concept of nursing was revisited by Virginia Henderson fron Yale University School of Nursing (USA). She argued thet nurses needed to be prepared for their role by receiving the broadest understanding of humanity and the world in which they lived. Publications

* 1956 (with B. Harmer)- Textbook for the principles and practices of Nursing. * Nursing Research: A Survey and Assessment.
* Nusing Studies Index (fuor volumes)
* 1966- The Nature of Nursing. A definition and its implication in practice, research and education. * 1991- The Nature of Nursing Reflections after 20 years. Henderson’s Theory Background
* Henderson’s concept of nursing was derived from her practice and education therefore, her work is inductive. * She called her definition of nursing her “Concept.” (Henderson 1991) * Although her major clinical experiences were in medical-surgical Hospitals, she worked as a visiting nurse in New York City. This experience enlarges Henderson’s view to recognize the importance of increasing the patient’s independence so that progress after hospitalization would not be delayed. (Henderson, 1991) * Virginia Henderson defined Nursing as “assisting individuals to gain independence in relation to the performance of activities contributing to health or its recovery.” (Henderson, 1966) * She was one of the first nurses to point out...
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