Virgin Islands

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The flag of the United States Virgin Islands is one of the most attractive flags of this world

. The flag is very similar to the United States presidential flag. The flag consists of a white background on which a strong bald golden eagle sits in the center holding a green branch on the right talon and three light blue arrows in its left talon. These three light blue arrows represent the three islands St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. The mighty shield on its chest bears a blue chief on the top and thirteen alternating red and white stripes on the bottom. The flag also proudly displays the letters "I" to the left of the flag and the letter "V" to the right of the flag which stand for the Virgin Islands. This flag was raised in the Virgin Islands after the islands were bought by the United States in 1917. According to the Official website of the government of the Virgin Islands, the flag of the United States Virgin Island was adopted by an Executive Order on May 17, 1921

. The Flag itself originated from the United States emblem which was designed by Wilson Sparks in 1921. The flag was designed under the administration of Summer Ely Whitmore Kitelle who was became the governor of the islands in April 26, 1981. After Wilson Sparks came up with the concept of the flag he transferred it to a heavy cotton material and later he asked his wife to embroider the design. This flag is of very special value to the Virgin Island residents due to it being of such importance, this flag shows them their history and where they are from. The flag came about after the United States purchased the Islands for $25 Million in Gold in 1917

. Nothing was known about these islands until the United States figured out that they are a in a "strategic" position and purchased them. After 1927 every Virgin Island resident was pronounced not only an American but also an American Citizen. According to the census bureau of 2000 the population of the United States Virgin Islands is...
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